Dave Danna with James Miller on the Motivated Endeavors Podcast

Unstoppable Drive: Dave Dana’s Inspiring Weight Loss Journey and Impact on Millions

Ladies and gentlemen, we are excited to share with you an electrifying and inspiring story from the world of fitness and health. Our special guest today is Dave Dana, a man who has not only transformed his own life but has also become a beacon of hope for millions. With support from the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and countless others, Dave's journey is truly awe-inspiring. Dave's passion for health and fitness started when he experienced a few embarrassing moments that led him to realize he needed to make a change. Last year, in June 2022, Dave flew for the first time since the COVID pandemic and required a seatbelt extender, which he recalls as one of the most embarrassing experiences of his life. Upon returning from his trip, Dave also struggled to climb the steps in his new home, another […]


Recruitment in Wonderland: A Pre-Christmas Riddle at the Mall

In an Arkansas mall, two Air Force recruiters, decked out in crisp uniforms, embarked on a rather optimistic mission. They hopped from store to store, their pitch as polished as their shoes, asking bewildered employees if they fancied a career leap into the wild blue yonder. I bumped into them outside the pretzel place, near my booth where I've setup my company for the holiday shopping month.  With my background in selling companies and hosting a podcast, our conversation quickly veered off into a cocktail of unconventional topics.  We chatted about China, and I playfully nudged about World War 3. "Not yet," they chuckled, with a wink that said "or is it?".  Then, diving into the deep end, we talked about aliens, UFOs, and the enigmatic Skinwalker Ranch.  I even threw in my two cents about interviewing a Chinese virologist. […]


Challenging Cholesterol Myths: Dr. Chafee’s Carnivore Diet Perspective

This is the original video by Dr. Chaffee a proponent of the carnivore diet, I found Dr. Anthony Chafee's insights in the "How to Carnivore Podcast" particularly enlightening and affirming of my dietary choices. Dr. Chafee, a surgeon and nutritional researcher, delved into the misconceptions surrounding cholesterol and heart disease, a topic that resonates deeply with my health-focused lifestyle.One of the key takeaways for me was Dr. Chafee's assertion that cholesterol has been wrongly demonized as a primary cause of heart disease. He referenced a 2016 publication in the Journal of American Medical Association that exposed fraudulent studies funded by sugar companies, which shifted the blame from sugar to cholesterol. This revelation is crucial, as it challenges the longstanding dietary guidelines that have shaped public perception and health policies.Dr. Chafee also highlighted the adverse health consequences following the reduction of […]


Unmasking the Hidden Agenda: The Truth Behind Nutrition and Industry Influence, Red Meat Causes Diabetes? with Dr. Zoe Harcombe

 In this insightful conversation, Dr. Harcombe dives deep into a controversial study that claimed a connection between red meat and diabetes. She criticizes the study's methodology, citing the lack of adjustment for grain and sugar intake, and the misleading classification of red meat. Harcombe also discusses what she sees as inherent bias in academia and research institutions, which can lead to skewed findings fueled by industrial influence. Ultimately, she encourages listeners to favor simpler, heritage foods over processed options, and to be critical of media headlines regarding nutrition.00:00 Introduction00:00 Understanding the Nutritional Headlines00:24 The Hidden Agendas in Academia01:17 The Global Push Away from Ancestral Foods03:49 The Influence of Big Food and Pharma on Research05:37 The Deterioration of Academic Research06:25 Questioning the Nutritional Training of Researchers07:03 Understanding the Hierarchy of Evidence00:01 The Flaws in Population Studies12:06 The Malicious Intent Behind the […]

Podcast thumbnail featuring James Miller and Joshua Lisec for the Motivated Endeavors Podcast episode on human behavior, ghostwriting, and persuasion techniques

The Truth About Ghostwriting and Market Research: An Exclusive Interview with Joshua Lisec Description 🔥 Welcome to another episode of Motivated Endeavors! 🔥 In today's episode, we sit down with Joshua Lisec, an expert in the fields of ghostwriting, market research, and persuasion techniques. This interview is a treasure trove of insights that will help you understand the intricacies of human behavior, the power of language, and the impact of subjective truths. 👇 Topics Covered 👇 The role of ghostwriting in shaping culture How market research can help you understand what people truly want The psychology behind persuasion and influence The difference between negative and positive rights And much more! 🎙️ About Joshua Lisec 🎙️ Joshua Lisec is a renowned expert in the fields of ghostwriting and market research. With years of experience under his belt, he has honed his skills in understanding human behavior and the power of language. His insights […]


A Conversation with Dr. Shawn Baker As I sat in the modestly lit studio, microphone poised and my notes spread before me,.. This wasn't just another episode of the Motivated Endeavors Podcast; this was a clarion call for a revolution—a revolution that starts on our dinner plates and ripples through the very fabric of society. I looked at the screen, and there he was, Dr. Shawn Baker, a man who has become a symbol of defiance against the conventional wisdom that has led so many down the path of poor health and dependency. "Welcome, Dr. Baker," I said, my voice tinged with a sense of gravitas. "It's an honor to have you."   The first topic was inevitable—the carnivore diet. But this wasn't just about ribeyes and T-bones; this was about reclaiming our health from a system that has commodified it. "The fundamental task of […]

James Miller and Dr. Li-Meng Yan sitting in a podcast studio, with microphones in front of them, discussing unrestricted warfare and its global implications

Unrestricted War: A Candid Conversation with Dr. Li-Meng Yan

I sat back in my chair, the microphone now silent, the red "On Air" light dimmed. The room was quiet, but my mind was anything but. Dr. Li-Meng Yan had just left the studio, her words still resonating in the air like an unsettling melody.We had talked about unrestricted warfare, a term that seemed almost too abstract to be real, yet too terrifying to be fiction. Dr. Yan had described it in vivid detail, painting a picture of a world where traditional rules of engagement were obsolete. "They have no bottom line. So there is no restriction to prevent them from the very evil things," she had said.I thought about the implications of cognitive warfare, the manipulation of minds on a mass scale. "They also talk about like financial war, for example, how to make American people bankrupted," she had […]

Featured image of James Miller, host of the Motivated Endeavors Podcast, as a young teen hacker in front of a computer screen displaying the word 'FUBAR,' illustrating the tension between curiosity and adult authority.

Curiosity Punished: How My 8th Grade Hack Revealed Adult Ignorance

When I was 13, my curiosity knew no bounds. My mind was a sponge, soaking up information about society, health, and technology. Little did I know, my thirst for knowledge would lead me into a situation that would shape my perspective for years to come. I had recently discovered a hacking tool called Cain and Able while browsing online forums. The discussions around it captivated me. It was as if I had stumbled upon a magician's handbook. My curiosity got the better of me, and I decided to test it out on the school's computer system. I had heard the teachers complaining about how outdated and insecure our school network was. I thought maybe I could help, or at least learn something new in the process. I fired up Cain and Able, and soon enough, I was looking at the […]

Podcast host James Miller and expert Scott in a deep discussion about the transformative power of psychedelic therapy for mental health, displayed on the Motivated Endeavors Podcast logo background.

The Future of Mental Health Could Be a Trip! have long been a subject of controversy, but recent research and changing attitudes are beginning to shift the narrative. I sat down with Scott, a pioneer in the field of psychedelic therapy, to discuss the transformative power of these substances, the legal landscape, and what the future holds. Here's what we uncovered.Question 1: What Makes Psychedelics Transformative?James: "Scott, can you talk about the transformative power of psychedelics?"Scott's Summary: Scott emphasized the importance of breathing and mindfulness during psychedelic experiences. He mentioned that these substances can act like a "movie" that washes through you, helping you confront and understand your fears, traumas, and even your ancestral history.Question 2: The Legal LandscapeJames: "Can you summarize how the field of psychedelic therapy is evolving legally?"Scott's Summary: Scott explained that states like Oregon are leading the way in legalizing and regulating psychedelic therapy. […]

Thumbnail image for the interview between James Miller and Professor Tyrone Hayes. The visual features photos of both individuals, with bold text highlighting the main topics discussed: Atrazine's Effects on Amphibians, Potential Impact on Human Health, and the Corporate Battle for Truth. The background includes a blend of scientific imagery, including molecular structures and frogs, symbolizing the core subject of the conversation.

Frogs, Gender, and Atrazine: Unraveling the Mystery with Professor Tyrone Hayes

In this episode, James dives into a profound conversation with Professor Tyrone Hayes, exploring the effects of atrazine, a common herbicide, on amphibians and potentially humans. The discussion covers a range of topics, from the scientific findings to the societal implications. Questions and Answers James: How does the natural ability of some frogs to change their gender differ from the effects of atrazine? Prof. Hayes: There's a misconception that frogs naturally change gender. Atrazine causes exposed individuals to produce estrogen inappropriately, leading to gender changes in frogs. James: Can you highlight what you found with atrazine and why people should be concerned? Prof. Hayes: Atrazine causes genetic male frogs to develop ovaries and leads to a decline in testosterone. It's associated with various health issues in humans, including small penis, non-descended testicles, and cancer. James: Is it small amounts […]


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