Free Carnivore Guide

My Reasons for Eating a Carnivore Diet For years, I struggled with persistent joint pain, insatiable hunger, and relentless cravings. I would wake up with my stomach churning in discomfort, never feeling truly satiated. No matter how much I ate, I always found myself yearning for something sweet, a craving that seemed to hold an […]

Unleashing AI: The Unfiltered Truth with FreedomGPT

An engaging podcast cover thumbnail featuring the title 'Motivated Endeavors' at the top. In the center, there's a stylized image of the host, James Miller, and the guest, John Arrow, both in mid-conversation. The background is a vibrant mix of colors, adding a dynamic and energetic feel to the image.

Join James Miller in the latest episode of ‘Motivated Endeavors’ as he hosts a riveting discussion with John Arrow, founder of Freedom GPT. Dive into the transformative world of AI, explore the potential of open-source models, and envision the future of AI across various sectors. Don’t miss out on this insightful conversation about the uncensored and unrestricted AI model, Freedom GPT, and its potential to revolutionize industries.

its not about perfection

It’s not about perfection. It’s about accepting ourselves for who we are and understanding that we are all connected. Recognizing that we all have flaws and that we are all on a journey towards growth. It’s about being compassionate towards ourselves and others, and knowing that everyone is doing the best they can. Its about […]

Have you failed?

The right kinds of failures provide us with fresh insights and teach us things that move us closer to our goals. Failures, by contrast, give you plenty to think about, and tremendous motivation to learn the lesson, to change, to improve. If you still believe in your goals, you can use failure as a lever […]

Household Cleaning Products & Cancer Link, Jennifer Smrz, Recovering From Cancer, Detoxing, Wholistic Health, Alternative Cancer Therapies

Jennifer Smrz is an Enthusiastic & caring Wellness/Career Coach, helping people detox their minds, body & households & successfully transition their careers. In this episode we discuss Jenn’s cancer journey, and how to identify household cleaning products that are likely killing you. Jame’s details a study that highlights 87,000 chemical are approved for cleaning products, […]

How to Conquer Your Fear of Starting a Business

Starting your own business can be scary, but with a little courage and the right amount of research, you’ll have everything you need for success. Fear holds many people back from starting their own business, but it is important not to give in. When you start your own company, there are a number of factors […]