Unrestricted War: A Candid Conversation with Dr. Li-Meng Yan

James Miller and Dr. Li-Meng Yan sitting in a podcast studio, with microphones in front of them, discussing unrestricted warfare and its global implications

I sat back in my chair, the microphone now silent, the red “On Air” light dimmed. The room was quiet, but my mind was anything but. Dr. Li-Meng Yan had just left the studio, her words still resonating in the air like an unsettling melody.

We had talked about unrestricted warfare, a term that seemed almost too abstract to be real, yet too terrifying to be fiction. Dr. Yan had described it in vivid detail, painting a picture of a world where traditional rules of engagement were obsolete. “They have no bottom line. So there is no restriction to prevent them from the very evil things,” she had said.

I thought about the implications of cognitive warfare, the manipulation of minds on a mass scale. “They also talk about like financial war, for example, how to make American people bankrupted,” she had added. It was a chilling thought, the idea that an entire nation could be brought to its knees without a single shot being fired.

Then there was the matter of bioweapons. “That’s why in my Yen reports published in 2020 on the COVID origin, I defined the COVID-19 virus as an unrestricted bioweapon,” Dr. Yan had revealed. The gravity of that statement was not lost on me. We were living in the midst of a pandemic, but according to Dr. Yan, it was also a calculated act of war.

Finally, I pondered her response to my last question, “Are we at war with China?” Her answer had been both simple and complex. “So that’s just up to how you define the war. It’s not the hot war. It is unrestricted war,” she had said. We were at war, but not in the way we understood it. It was a war of information, of perception, of influence—a war that was already happening, whether we realized it or not.

As I sat there, alone in the dimly lit room, I felt a sense of urgency, a call to action. This was not just an interview; it was a wake-up call. And as the host of the Motivated Endeavors Podcast, it was my responsibility to sound the alarm.

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