The Future of Mental Health Could Be a Trip!


Psychedelics have long been a subject of controversy, but recent research and changing attitudes are beginning to shift the narrative. I sat down with Scott, a pioneer in the field of psychedelic therapy, to discuss the transformative power of these substances, the legal landscape, and what the future holds. Here’s what we uncovered.

Question 1: What Makes Psychedelics Transformative?

James: “Scott, can you talk about the transformative power of psychedelics?”

Scott’s Summary: Scott emphasized the importance of breathing and mindfulness during psychedelic experiences. He mentioned that these substances can act like a “movie” that washes through you, helping you confront and understand your fears, traumas, and even your ancestral history.

Question 2: The Legal Landscape

James: “Can you summarize how the field of psychedelic therapy is evolving legally?”

Scott’s Summary: Scott explained that states like Oregon are leading the way in legalizing and regulating psychedelic therapy. He expressed optimism about the legal path forward, especially as more healthcare providers begin to recognize the therapeutic potential of psychedelics.

Question 3: The Future of Psychedelic Therapy

James: “Where do you see the field of psychedelic therapy going over the next decade?”

Scott’s Summary: Scott believes that the field will continue to grow as more people become open to the idea of psychedelic therapy. He mentioned that organizations like MAPS in Colorado are pushing for legitimacy and research.

Question 4: The Societal Impact

James: “What could be the broader societal implications of widespread psychedelic therapy?”

Scott’s Summary: Scott discussed the ripple effect that effective psychedelic therapy could have on families, communities, and society at large. He believes that these substances can help people become more awake, aware, and less manipulated by external forces.

Question 5: Final Advice for Those Considering Psychedelic Therapy

James: “Is there any final advice you would give to someone considering this form of therapy?”

Scott’s Summary: Scott’s advice was straightforward: “Do it.” He strongly believes that psychedelics can offer powerful healing for people dealing with deep traumas and psychological issues.


The conversation with Scott opened up a new frontier in understanding the role of psychedelics in mental health therapy. As we venture into this evolving landscape, it’s crucial to have open, honest conversations about the potential and pitfalls of these powerful substances.

For a more in-depth look into this conversation, be sure to watch the full episode at

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