Unmasking the Hidden Agenda: The Truth Behind Nutrition and Industry Influence, Red Meat Causes Diabetes? with Dr. Zoe Harcombe


In this insightful conversation, Dr. Harcombe dives deep into a controversial study that claimed a connection between red meat and diabetes. She criticizes the study’s methodology, citing the lack of adjustment for grain and sugar intake, and the misleading classification of red meat. Harcombe also discusses what she sees as inherent bias in academia and research institutions, which can lead to skewed findings fueled by industrial influence. Ultimately, she encourages listeners to favor simpler, heritage foods over processed options, and to be critical of media headlines regarding nutrition.

00:00 Introduction

00:00 Understanding the Nutritional Headlines

00:24 The Hidden Agendas in Academia

01:17 The Global Push Away from Ancestral Foods

03:49 The Influence of Big Food and Pharma on Research

05:37 The Deterioration of Academic Research

06:25 Questioning the Nutritional Training of Researchers

07:03 Understanding the Hierarchy of Evidence

00:01 The Flaws in Population Studies

12:06 The Malicious Intent Behind the Study

15:52 Holding Institutions and Researchers Accountable

19:10 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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