The Vibrational Nature of Your Reality

I have spent 10 years coming to the realization that I am the creator of my own reality and that everything is vibration. This was a painful realization because it made me face my chronic patterns of thinking to assess how I had arrived where I f0und myself. This is what I discovered: Because of my low frequency thoughts, rooted in lower vibrational emotions, I was manifesting in my own experience things like drug addiction, jails, prisons, and relationships that were chaotic. These certain emotions are now red flags about my own point of attraction and this realization has allowed me to create a life that I am overjoyed to be living

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Show me what you are thinking every day and i’ll show you where you are headed.

If you are new to vibrational schools of thoughts, popular in  metaphysical teachings dated back hundreds if not thousands of years, this article is for you. I am by no means a master at this but this line of thinking, regarding thought vibration, higher frequency emotions, and the human body have been a very beneficial tool that has allowed me to help others, become more confident, and allow me to navigate my life without as extreme highs and lows. 

Similar to radio waves, which are heard plainly yet are invisible, your vibrational frequencies are derived from your cumulative thoughts, emotions, and consciousness, which are constantly being transmitted outwards to the Universe. The more awareness you channel into your internal body, the higher its vibrational frequency becomes. Your thoughts, vibrating with a specific frequency, bring about your feelings, and it is the combination of both that determines your body’s vibration. Our thoughts and feelings establish the frequency we vibrate, and our vibrations ripple outwards, drawing in energy moving at a similar frequency.


We have meat and bones, and even we are basically just energy moving in rapid motion, and this energy has a vibrational frequency. Everything is energy, and it has vibration — everything from the chair you are sitting in, the thoughts you are thinking, the colors you are seeing. Because everything is made up of energy, each person, place, and thing vibrates with different frequencies. We humans vibrate as well, and we do at varying frequencies, which are usually caused by things happening to us, psychologically, physically, and emotionally.

If we start identifying those energies as a part of who we are, we may find ourselves stuck in a lower vibrational state. The easiest way to recognize a negative vibration is by being mindful of when and how we experience resistance in ourselves. Your emotions are your guide.

Positive vibrations feel comfortable, whereas negative ones may leave us feeling uncertain, anxious, and worried. Positive vibrations are higher-frequency thought patterns, attitudes, emotions, whereas negative vibrations are lower-frequency thought patterns, attitudes, and emotions. Essentially, thoughts vibrating high are more likely to be powerful, positive, healthy thoughts, while thoughts vibrating low are more likely to be negative, damaging, and disempowering.


Experts studying vibrational energy have suggested that specific emotions and thought patterns produce higher-frequency vibrations, such as gratitude, happiness, joy, serenity, and acceptance. You are able to recognize when you are experiencing low-vibration emotions such as envy or sadness, and take action to move into a higher-vibrational emotional state such as joy, gratitude, or peace. When you are operating on a lower vibrational frequency in your mind, you are giving off negative vibes, you are feeling sorry for yourself, dwelling on things that have already happened, feeling unhappy and low, and emotions such as anger, fear, and resentment are normal.


Your thoughts, feelings, and actions are in alignment, meaning your thoughts are all operating on the same frequency. Our thoughts and feelings have frequencies, like sounds and lights, radio waves, or UV waves, thought ripples around your mind, and our thoughts are manifested in reality, whether we are conscious of them or not. I was not conscious of the thoughts that were ruining my life, driving me deeper into lower vibrations, causing me to attract terrible experiences, quite frankly. While it is accurate to say your thoughts become things, it is more accurate to say that your vibrations become things, because it is ultimately your vibrations that determine what is drawn into your life. Of course, emotions hold vibrational frequencies too, and working with this second Universal Law may help you to get around those.


The entire idea of the law is not just that we all have a particular vibrational frequency, but also, that if we are caught up in an experience or situation with low vibrations, we can learn how to correct our vibrations. The Second Universal Law helps us to recognize when we are moving through thick, heavy emotions, so we can release the thickness and keep the vibration up. As spiritual writer Shannon Kaiser explained to MBG, The rate or rate of vibration that something is moving is called its frequency, with the only difference between one item and another being its rate of vibration. Feeling causes the appropriate vibrational shift, and possibly a decrease in energy, which, in turn, influences our cells biological functions, and thus, our minds, bodies, and souls.

Just like you, I have experienced the depths of profound lower vibrations that have kept me in self defeating cycles, not realizing that I was actually a co-creator in my experiences and relationships.


in the depths of addiction, negative emotions, and being a ‘careless’ unconscious creator of my reality.

Several years later after having read hundreds of books, reframed my experience, and with a greater focus on being a conscious creator.


My New Point of Attraction. Thoughts turn to things


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