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Unbelievable: How One Man Beat Bone Loss and Ulcerative Colitis with Keto! with Dr. Nick Norwitz

James Miller interviews Dr. Nick Norwitz about his health journey. Little Rock Arkansas Motivated Endeavors
Meet James Show
Meet James Show
Unbelievable: How One Man Beat Bone Loss and Ulcerative Colitis with Keto! with Dr. Nick Norwitz

Nicks Full Health Journey Story:

Dr. Nick Norwitz, PHD is a medical student with high ambitions of reforming the healthcare system. He shares his personal experience with osteoporosis and ulcerative colitis, and how that led to his interest in the ketogenic diet.

2:06 The speaker describes how his health started to deteriorate after college and how he eventually stumbled upon the ketogenic diet as a last resort. He was surprised at how well it worked and was inspired to learn more about the area. He became interested in making metabolic medicine mainstream through research and social media.

4:35 Nick’s mission is to make metabolic medicine mainstream and challenge social norms. He is working on this by conducting research, publishing papers, and educating the next generation of doctors and patients.

5:16 Nick explains how his research intersects with different areas such as gastrointestinal health, genetics, and diet. He enjoys learning and is an opportunist who jumps at interesting projects. He is honing his research skills for the impact he wants to have.

14:55 The speaker discussed the difficulty of deciding who to trust in regards to dietary guidelines.

15:37 Personal experience often drives people to seek alternative diets and dietary advice, such as the ketogenic diet.

15:54 The speaker feels that personal struggles and adversity can be beneficial for medical professionals in their interactions with patients.A diverse background and different experiences among medical professionals can help them connect with patients.

18:47 Some people are open to trying new things and are interested in metabolic health and the ketogenic diet, even if they don’t have any health problems.

19:05 The speaker sees the field of metabolic health evolving in the next 5-10 years and hopes to play a role in that evolution.

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