Unveiling the Goliath: A Deep Dive into the American Healthcare System with Dr. Marion Mass

In a recent podcast, we had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Marion Mass, a pediatrician from the Philadelphia suburbs who is not just a healer, but a champion for patients, physicians, and truth. She shared her insights on the American healthcare system, its issues, and potential solutions.

The Crisis in American Healthcare

Dr. Mass began the discussion by highlighting the crisis in the American healthcare system. “You’ve heard the whispers, the rumors of discontent, the colossal corporations, the costs that are not just climbing but skyrocketing. The labyrinth of red tape, designed to baffle and bewilder. But what if I told you it’s worse? Far worse than you’ve been led to believe.” 

The Role of Large Corporations

Dr. Mass discussed the problem of large corporations in the healthcare system, explaining how they contribute to increasing costs and decreasing quality of care. She mentioned the consolidation of hospitals, insurance companies, and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) as significant issues. “Healthcare is a big job of the hut beast. And it’s like job of the hut, but, like, with little octopus arms going underneath like the witch and the little mermaid. Like, so picture each of those arms is like, Sucking away, like, your wages because healthcare is costing more.” 

The Impact on Patient Care

She provided examples of how these large corporations can negatively impact patient care, such as UnitedHealthcare reducing reimbursements for physicians without negotiation and the high cost of insulin due to the monopolistic practices of a few large companies.

The Role of PBMs

Dr. Mass talked about the role of PBMs in managing prescription drugs, explaining how they can influence the cost of drugs and the amount pharmacies get paid. She also discussed conflicts of interest when insurance companies own PBMs.

Hidden Costs and Lack of Transparency

She discussed the hidden costs in healthcare, particularly in hospitals, and the lack of transparency in pricing. “So let’s talk about that bag of saline, which once again, like the vial of insulin, that bag of saline costs about 10 bucks to make. But there’s been charges like yours, you know, 1, 200 for that bag of saline, 700 for that bag of saline.”

The Need for Reform

Towards the end of the discussion, Dr. Mass mentioned a bill that passed unanimously out of the Energy and Commerce Committee, which aims to increase transparency in healthcare, including transparency of ownership. She also emphasized the need for the American people to become the single payer. “As long as they can see what they’re paying, they can see the conflicts of interest. They can cut the glut out of the system, and they can make everyone in the system play by the same rules. This could work out great. Let’s go! Giddy up!” 


In conclusion, Dr. Mass left us with a powerful message: “America, you better get and stay healthy because all this work that a lot of other people and myself are doing to try to Open the books, cut the glut and make everyone play by the same rules. It might not work. We’re David fighting Goliath, you know, and it’s a big Goliath out there. And we need, we need lots of warriors to help. We need, and all we have is our health, but like, that’s all we have.”

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