2022 In Review : Some of the top interviews and content from James

Here are some of the highlights:

2022 In Review Interviews Including:
✅The Worlds Faster Reader

🩻Doctors discussing the state of our healthcare system & corruption.

🥗Dietitians sharing knowledge on inflammation and gut health

✅9 year old ‘wiz kid’ sending a message to Vladimir Putin

👩‍🏫Multiple International Authors sharing their stories of resilience and raw honesty.

🔐Executives at a Bitcoin mining company.

💰Financial Gurus teaching students how to save for retirement.

👮🏻‍♂️A Former Hostage Negotiator battling a rare foot cancer gives us advice on living a fulfilled life.

⚕️Multiple Podcasts on removing toxic chemical from our lives and home.

🌾Research article on Glyphosate exposure and Increased Rates of Cancer

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