CBD for Addiction Treatment, Substance Use Recovery, Alternative Therapies with Thomas White of Exact Nature

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[00:00:00] Thomas White: So depression, anxiety is a top reason, but they use it for pain management. They use it for better sleep and use it for just general wellness. So to, I I’m I’m.

[00:00:10] Thankful that they are allowing us to continue to do this

[00:00:15] James Miller: That is today’s guest Thomas to white, the CEO of exact nature, a CBD nutraceutical company, targeting people recovering from drug addiction. My name is James and my mission is to awaken, enlighten, and inspire others to better ways of living my other interests, lie in biohacking and longevity research, and also adjunct alternative therapies in addiction medicine. And today we’re going to dive right into that and here, thomas tells me a little bit about his past

[00:00:47] Thomas White: Yeah.

[00:00:48] Well, I was.

[00:00:49] My, my profession has been marketing. So I worked, I worked as a marketing for

[00:00:53] the majority of my career and I worked at it for the federal government. I was the peace Corps.

[00:00:58] I was a peace Corps volunteer came back and [00:01:00] became the press secretary. I did corporate marketing for the Seagram’s corporation.

[00:01:04] Ironically, I was always in the wine division. And then I worked for as a chief marketing officer for a number of universities. So professionally I was doing well. At the same time, boy, my addiction was really starting to, to

[00:01:18] to grow and to become a problem. And I was, I was thinking

[00:01:21] deeper into this

[00:01:22] addiction and

[00:01:24] 13 years ago now, well, 14 years ago I went to rehab.

[00:01:28] And for the first year after rehab, I relapsed a number of times until

[00:01:33] in that first year after rehab. People were alarm that knew I’d gone to rehab, but I was starting to get, are starting to string a few days. And then a few weeks, finally, a few months together. And now I’ve had 13 years of solid sobriety and I have two sons ages, 23 and 21, the 23 year old has suffered from addictions

[00:01:54] himself. So he and I together founded this company that we have now. And [00:02:00] our whole focus is.

[00:02:01] It is CBD for people in addiction.

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